Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in 15th July 1970

Books in Department :

  • Library: 150
  • Journals: 02
  • Computers: 01

Departmental Activities

  • Conducted guest lectures on organic reactions spectroscopy by Dr. V. Diwakar, Dr. Sivanath & P .SitaKumari
  • Conducted study hours, Remedial coaching classes to I, II& III Degree students
  • Organized student Seminars for I, II& III Degree students
  • Guided student study projects on latest topics to I, II& III Degree students
  • Conducted two mid exams for all degree students. Given assignments related to curriculum.
  • Participated in ODF, Blood donation programmes.
  • Conducted yoga training classes for students
  • Conducted Field Trips to -
    1. "Andhra Detergents" soap Industry near Ventrapragada.
    2. 'KCP Sugar Factory' at Vuyyuru.
    3. Visited Jute bag training institute at Gudiwada.
  • Students Visited Nellore and praksam district under youth exchange programme.

Ozone Day

Student Seminar

Mrs. K. Sujatha Incharge of the Department M.Sc, M.Phil Regular 20 years
Miss. V.Sudha Rani Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed Temporary 9 years
Miss.G.Vara Lakshmi Lecturer M.Sc Temporary 3 years

Guest Lectures

Chemistry Department Lab