Schedule Of Fees
Free Education to SC, ST, BC, EBC & Minority Students.
Post Matric Sholorships available for eligible Students.
Courses First Term
Tution Fee
Second Term
Tution Fee
Fee For Term
First Intermediate  (M.P.C & Bi.P.C) Rs.644 Rs.645 Rs.80.00 (M.P.C)
Rs.150.00 (Bi.P.C)
Second Intermediate  (M.P.C & Bi.P.C) Rs.709 Rs.709 Rs.80.00 (M.P.C)
Rs.150.00 (Bi.P.C)
First B.A. & B.Com Rs.1028 Rs.1028 Rs.534
First B.Sc. , C.B.Z , M.P.C Rs.1230 Rs.1230 Rs.1068
First, Second & Third B.Sc. , MSCs Rs.5600 Rs.5600 Rs.2937
Second B.A. & B.Com Rs.890 Rs.890
Second B.Sc. , C.B.Z , M.P.C Rs.1025 Rs.1025 Rs.445
Third B.Sc., M.P.C Rs.1025 Rs.1025 Rs.445 (T.M & E.M)
Third B.A., B.Com Rs.890 Rs.890 Rs.445 (T.M)